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Cherie Lane

Cherie has over 25 years of town planning and resource management experience, primarily within private practice in New Zealand and Australia.

Cherie has particular competence in urban and commercial planning and strategic development planning. As project manager responsible for obtaining planning consent for significant urban developments, Cherie has experience in client, Council and sub consultant liaison, community consultation and project management. Cherie's statutory planning experience ranges from securing planning consent for individual residential property owners to the preparation of assessment of effects reports in support of consents for the expansion of major urban developments such as shopping centres, residential estates and infrastructure facilities within both New Zealand and Australia. Her strategic development planning experience includes land rationalisation studies (undertaken for the Royal NZ Air Force); the preparation of commercial development provisions (Viaduct Basin, Auckland); the preparation of local structure plans for the development of major new residential estates in Melbourne; and various urban growth studies for both local and regional authorities within New Zealand.

Malcolm Lane

Malcolm is a civil engineer with over 25 years of professional experience in environmental and risk management, often in projects with high public and community profiles. From an early background in the water industry working for local authorities and consulting and contracting companies, he has coordinated and managed environmental assessment and permitting projects primarily for the primary and resource industries (mining, solid waste, water supply and wastewater disposal). This broad engineering background has brought an understanding of business issues from a wide range of clients and applications to risk management strategy development projects in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

Malcolm is the co-author of a successful technical publication on quantitative risk assessment and risk management.

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